Thoughts on dentistry- 16/07/21

dentistry is a fucking scam i havent brushed my teeth in years fuck them dentists especially with the braces fuck your braces fuck you

Buddy Holly was gay, right?- 15/07/21

see above.

bobo beep galeep- 14/07/21

fungo lungo - shreep nerp. bobo bungas ter kerplor galeep. beep shrungo? derk.

Biden and Covfefe- 13/07/21

Biden's president now, but in the months he's been president I've heard nothing about him; I was reminded of this when I saw someone wear a ''Donald Shrimp'' shirt, featuring a caricature of Donald Trump as a shrimp, proclaiming ''Hake News''. It was shocking to me, not only because of the utter lack of meaning, purpose and humour on the shirt, but also because this was months after Donald Trump was no longer president. I could never imagine someone wearing an equivalent shirt for Joe Biden, let alone after he stops being president. Donald Trump had some inescapable draw to him that Joe Biden simply doesn't have, most evident i think with ''Covfefe''. Donald Trump simply made a typo in his tweet, and for weeks if not months you couldn't go anywhere without hearing about ''Covfefe''. Not some horrible thing he's done or said, not one of his new policies or laws, a typo in his tweet. A meaningless typo in his tweet. If Joe Biden tweeted ''Covfefe'' would I even know about it? I doubt it.

Garfield and Mondays- 12/07/21

We all know Garfield hates mondays. It's his catchphrase. ''I hate mondays.'' Many people online have given rise to the theory that Garfield hates mondays because that's the day Jon leaves and goes to work, leaving Garfield alone. This is not true. The very first strip of Garfield sets up Jon as a cartoonist that works from home, and not once in all of Garfield has Jon left to ''go to work''. The real reason why Garfield hates mondays is likely that it's a generally hated day, and it's easy to market a relatable character.

blog post #1- 11/07/21

Wow. A blog post. Testing it all out.